Advertise On “The Wall”

A new ad concept will soon be available at The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory.

It’s our Bulletin Board with “waterfall” advertising.

Up to 50 ads posted each day where our visitors come to view.

When one ad is posted to the top, the bottom/oldest ad drops off the page.

The length of time each ad could be read by our viewers would vary by business, and could be for several days or weeks.

Since each ad must meet our approval, we know this concept will be popular with our viewers who expect the best content, and would also benefit our advertisers by being seen on a page where the interested viewers actually want to read the ads.

This would be great for announcing new blog posts on your website, or to advertise a current sale in your online shop such as Etsy.

We’re going to be giving away FREE ads for a limited time to celebrate the addition of the new service to our directory’s website.

The page is not quite yet ready for you to submit ads just yet, however we’re hoping to get it up and running by later this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest.

This could be a great opportunity for people who need temporary advertising for just a few bucks (price undetermined at this time).

We will be considering an option with an additional fee that can allow an ad creator to make a “sticky post” type ad for a specified period of time at the top of the list (seperate from the normal 50 ad list).

You can get more details as The Wall develops by visiting the page here.

We will post a new blog post soon when the page is ready for ad submissions.

Spammers beware! This service is not for you.

United States Community Pages Soon Coming To The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory

Throughout the rest of this year we are working to keep building and expanding the types of listings we can offer our clients. We want to create a section on our website that is geared for establishing local community listings for businesses.

This would be geared toward listing brick & mortor businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, boutiques, auto repair shops, and other forms of business.

We have a few tasks to complete in order to get our current listings all on the right track for our weekly social media promotions, and then we will start building the aforementioned community pages.

We’re excited about building this new section of our directory, but we’ve still got some work to do for our blog listings.

By the way, if you’re blog isn’t yet listed in our directory and you’re looking to build your reader count, then there is no better time than now to get listed. We’re currently offering a very low listing fee of just $10.00 which is a 50% off price of our current normal listing fee cost, and it’s currently a one time fee (not a yearly fee like most other directories charge). So maximize your chances to get your blog discovered by joining our directory today. The price we’re currently offering is the lowest price we will ever offer and pricing will increase as our directory grows.

Advertising in a directory is one of the best ways to grow your blog and/or business, so get listed with us today.

More news to come. Stay tuned.

Exciting News For Bloggers And Business Owners

Forget those other directories. Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory at is expanding it’s power to promote your blogs and business in social media, and we’re doing it all for the same very low price of only $10.00 (a one time fee, and half off normal cost throughout 2018).

Not only will we be promoting listings in our directory through our newsletters, but we also will be able to schedule promotional mentions to our social media. We’re planning to offer a monthly tweet out to our twitter page for each of our paid* listings so that your listing gets more notice than it would at most other directories that simply let your listing sit idle on it’s pages.

You may ask why our directory is offering such great and low cost promotional opportunities compared to higher cost directories. We believe in providing viewers access to discover the greatest blogs and business services on the internet while also providing writers and businesses of all levels the opportunity to gain notice at a fraction of the cost that other directories provide, while also offering more promotion than most other directories provide. We could easily charge a higher, yearly rate, however since our directory is in it’s launching phase, we’re offering a super low cost fee so that new clients can try our service with next to nothing to lose since there is no refund. We’re working to prove ourself with value and budget friendly cost.

So now is the time to jump on board and get your blog and/or business listed with us. You can do here.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you listed.

* could include non-paid courtesy listings for a limited time.

Third Week And 300+ Views At Junkyard Blogs Directory

We’re starting our third week at Junkyard Blogs Directory and we’re happy to say that with only about 20 listings up on site so far, we have over 300 views. We are driving traffic to sites listed as well. Check our site out and get your blog listed today.

Also it is National Poetry Month and on our home page you will find a link where you can get a free poster while supplies last.

It’s April Fools Day 2018 But This Is No Joke

Junkyard Blogs Directory has only 82 listings left to give away in our 100 free listings giveaway. If you are passionate about your blogging, and want to drive more traffic to your site for discovery and promotion to help drive more traffic to your site so that new readers can fall in love with your content, then head over and get listed before the free listings are gone.

Readers who love our directory, we have a new announcement:

Announcing our new Shop Homemade category. There we will be listing shops where you can purchase awesome handcrafted products. Hint hint artisans (that’s where you’ll want to list your shops if you want our followers to find all the cool products you make).

That’s it for this update. If you’re not following our directory at then now is a good time to do so. See you there, and please tell your friends and family to give us a visit as well, and thanks to everyone for your support.

It’s National Poetry Month

We at Junkyard Blogs Directory have just learned today that April is National Poetry month. So we are going to aspire to posting links to at least two poetry websites and blogs throughout the month of April, and of course beyond.

If you write poetry and maintain a poetry blog, we would love to have you listed on our website.

Also we’re starting a new blog (or website) of the month in April.

We hope you’ll follow us at and we welcome bloggers to get listed with us, and readers to try our directory for finding new favorite blogs and websites, and businesses on the web.

We’ve Just Crossed Over 100 Views

Just a quick thank you to all the visitors to our blog directory at Junkyard Blogs Directory who have given us 100+ views so far. Without our readers this wouldn’t be possible. Keep visiting and we will continue linking to the best blogs and websites on the internet. Bloggers get listed with us. What are you waiting for?